Soupy Do! Soup Company

I was very lucky to meet Martyn Phipps of Plymouth’s newest soup manufacturer Soupy Do!, at the Plymouth Coeliac Group meeting and food fair, where their stall was creating a lot of interest.


Soupy Do! soups are vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and low in fat. In fact I was very surprised to see how low in calories they are (nutritional information is on their website), compared to the chilled supermarket soups. Soupy Do! also aim to source all their produce locally and of course they deliver straight to your door, currently to most Plymouth postcodes.

Some of Soupy Do's Great Flavours
Some of Soupy Do’s Great Flavours

I just love some of the names for the soups, Crimson King which has the lovely earthy taste of beetroot, Super Green full of broccoli, spinach, the very healthy option and Continental Country vegetables with garlic and onion.

I’ve tried Crimson King, Super Green, Spicy & Smokey Tomato, Continental Country and Italian Herb & Red Pepper, all very different, from the very spicy Spicy & Smokey Tomato to the mild and creamy Super Green and Crimson King.

All Soupy Do! soups are nice and smooth, just as I like soup and can be warmed on the hob or in the microwave. The soup will keep for 4 weeks in a fridge and can be frozen.

Soupy Do - Continental Country Flavour
Soupy Do! – Continental Country Flavour

At the moment Soupy Do! deliver to most Plymouth postcodes, in their own refrigerated van, you can order online at for delivery direct to your home or work address.

Soupy Do! are also  looking for farm shops, deli’s , cafe’s, restaurants to stock their products, the packaging is very eye catching and would look great in any chiller and of course the contents are delicious.

2 thoughts on “Soupy Do! Soup Company

  1. Yum! This sounds great. I love soup and mostly make my own as it is so quick and easy…but there are always times when I cant be bothered! Website looking good! See you at the devon bloggers network on the 31st!

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