Georgia’s Choice Gluten Free Foods

When I was asked if I would like to try the new range from Georgia’s Choice, I was delighted to say yes! they were already on my shopping list for that week.

Thre great new products from Georgia's
Three great new products from Georgia’s

Georgia’s Choice have added three new gluten free products, Chicken and Mushroom Crispy Bakes, Pepperoni Pizza and Margherita Pizza.

Pizza’s are always a great quick food, but if you are a coeliac or gluten intolerant, a good pizza to cook at home is not easy to come by. The Georgia’s Choice Pizza’s come in two flavours, Pepperoni and Margherita, they smell great when baking in the oven and in just 12-13 minutes you have a great tasting pizza with a lovely crispy thin base. If you are like me you can always personalise your pizza with mushrooms, onions, whatever takes your fancy.

Serve with a salad, wedges, fries or to be honest the pizza alone is more than enough for me!

Georgia's Choice Pepperoni Pizza
Georgia’s Choice Pepperoni Pizza
Georgia's Choice Margherita Pizza
Georgia’s Choice Margherita Pizza

Now lets get to the Chicken and Mushroom Bakes I really enjoyed these, they come covered in a crunchy crumb coating, filled with Chicken, Mushrooms in mashed potato. The bakes are quite large so one was enough for me, but for Hubby he had to have two, but he is a big eater!

Again serve with salad, fries, wedges.

Georgia's Choice Chicken & Mushroom Bakes
Georgia’s Choice Chicken & Mushroom Bakes

Apart from of course the great taste of Georgia’s Choice foods, what is important to me is that Georgia’s Choice only use 100% British meat and their cod is line caught from a sustainable source.

I very much enjoyed the pizzas and chicken and mushroom bakes, so they will be on my shopping list very soon and I also look forward to the trying  the rest of the range

It was also great to see that Georgia’s Choice has won two awards in the Free From Food Awards 2014, one for Best Children’s Food and one for Ready Meals Meat Free which is a great achievement with such big competition

Free From Awards 2014
Free From Awards 2014

A little bit about Georgia’s Choice

Geogia’s Choice make all their gluten free products in a dedicated gluten free facility in Wiltshire. Georgia’s Choice came about when Pauline and Garys daughter Georgia was diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrum and they were advised to remove all additives from her diet, it was this that motivated them to develop a range of convenient, but additive free foods, based on good quality foods that taste delicious and here we are today.

Georgia’s Choice have a range of excellent quick to cook at home meals, family favourites, but without gluten, wheat or additives

You can find the Georgia’s Choice products in the Free From Frozen section at larger Tesco Stores

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